Top Tips for Keeping Cool at a Summer Wedding


After a week of basking in the sunshine, and more hot weather forecast over the coming days, we thought it might be a good idea to look at how you can keep yourself and your guests cool during your wedding celebrations – be that home or abroad.

Having just planned and returned from a beautiful destination wedding in Italy, where temperatures reached well over 30 degrees, we thought we would share some of our top tips for looking after you and your guests in hot climates.

Try to choose a dress that you will feel comfortable in in the heat. Avoid heavy layers and look for a light dress. Your bridal shop will be able to guide you towards the most suitable styles for a summer/destination wedding.

When it comes to the groom, it is acceptable to have a slightly more laid-back approach to the traditional formalwear. Linen suits or suits in lighter shades and fabrics will work best and keep you cool.

Ceremony Time
If you are having a destination wedding, consider the time of your ceremony. Due to the heat, ceremonies are held much later overseas once the temperature has started to fall. Most destination wedding ceremonies take place post 4pm.

Throughout your celebrations, ensure you have refreshing soft drinks available so that guests can help themselves whenever they need to quench their thirst. Drinks dispensers filled with fruit infused water are always popular and help to keep guests hydrated.


Ceremony Location
If you are holding your ceremony outside, consider a ceremony location that offers some shelter from the sun. If your ceremony offers a canopy, opt for a wedding breakfast in the open air as the temperature drops in the evening and you can take in your surroundings as the sun sets.

Guest Arrival
Do not seat guests too early! There is nothing worse than sitting in a 3 piece suit in the midday sun in 30 degrees. Your guests will become fidgety and restless. Begin to seat guests 20 mins before the expected arrival and have water available for them whilst they wait.

Incorporate something to help keep your guests cool during the day. You could have your order of service designed on a paddle fan or menu which is a great practical way of providing guests with information and a relief from the heat.

If your ceremony is taking place in an exposed area, plan your drinks reception in a shaded area or if this is not possible ensure you have a number of large parasols available to provide your guests with some protection from the sun. Also ensure you have plenty of seating available – especially for the older guests as strong sun can make people more tired.


Check the venue you are getting ready at has great ventilation to enable you to have lots of windows open or preferably air conditioning.

Incorporate an element to keep guests cool into your favours. It could be a hat for the gentleman and a parasol for the ladies. Alternatively, you could provide guests with a mini relief box filled with sun cream, water spray, mints and even mosquito / midge spray.


Relief Station
Lastly a relief station, set up with all of those necessary essentials, is a great way to ensure guests are completely looked after. A few suggestions for your relief station include: water mist spray, hand held fans, sun lotion, mosquito repellant, bite/sting relief, cool towels and mints.


The weather is something we can’t control in the UK or abroad, but if you are prepared on your wedding day you can ensure that your guests are happy and looked after and have everything they need to stay comfortable and hydrated in the sunshine. These top tips should ensure both you and your guests remain comfortable in the heat throughout the celebrations!

Attire Image: Anna Campbell Bridal via Pinterest
Refreshments Image: Sortra
Parasols Image: Yes I do Wedding Photography
Favours Image: Yes I do Wedding Photography
Relief Station Image: Inspire Blog via Pinterest

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