Top 10 Spring Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings


Your floral arrangements can transform a venue and create a real WOW factor! It’s always best to meet with your florist and discuss the look and style you would like for your wedding day as they can often suggest flowers that you may not be familiar with.

Many of the spring flowers are known for their fragrance and pastel colours. Spring is the perfect time for romantic arrangements in more muted tones. From the highly coveted peony to the iconic tulip, there are so many gorgeous spring flowers you can incorporate into your special day. With so many varieties available we thought we would share our thoughts on the Top 10 Spring Wedding Flowers.

Freesia flowers are a fragrant bloom along a single stem, in pink, white, purple, orange, red, or yellow. The arching stems and satiny blooms work well in bridal bouquets and corsages.

FLOWER MEANING: They represent trust, innocence and friendship.


They are large clusters of tightly packed petals available in a variety of colours. Due to their size they make a great impact and a truly stunning arrangement. We love using hydrangea in large urns and table centres as they create a very abundant look for your florals.

FLOWER MEANING: The hydrangea represents heartfelt emotions and perseverance.


Lilac flowers are highly fragrant blooms that grow in sprays of tiny blossoms in shades of purple, red, and white. The flowers have a rich heritage as a Victorian favourite and are suitable for using in vintage style weddings. The flower clusters of lilacs add mass to large arrangements, and they are great for adding texture to wedding bouquets.

FLOWER MEANING: This bloom symbolises first love.


Magnolia is a huge, fragrant white flower which usually flowers in spring before leaf emergence. They are a large showy flower with a distinctive fragrance.

FLOWER MEANING: They symbolise nobility and dignity.


Orchids have an elegant yet exotic feel and a striking appearance. They are the largest family of blooming flowers with over 25,000 species. Orchids are available in a variety of colours and sizes but can be expensive.

FLOWER MEANING: An orchid symbolises beauty and refinement.


Peonies are an all-time favourite for brides. The white, pink, garnet, or red flowers have a high petal count that makes a big impact in a wedding arrangement. They are the perfect mix of softness and texture, and the pastel varieties complement so many wedding colour palettes. They have a very short window though so you can only really consider having peonies if you are marrying in May / June otherwise it is tricky to find them.

FLOWER MEANING: It is known as the flower of riches and honour. They embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.


Like a peony but with a little more edge, these beauties pop when added to simple floral arrangements. Well known for its diversity of brilliant colours, this rounded bloom is similar in appearance to camellias, with multiple layers of crepe-paper-thin petals.

FLOWER MEANING: This flower symbolizes radiant charm and attractiveness.


This climbing flower adds colour and texture. It is a delicate flower with a sweet fragrance, and butterfly-shaped petals.

FLOWER MEANING: It is associated with delicate and blissful pleasure, departure and thank you for a lovely time.


Tulips come in an array of bright and beautiful colours. They are a great choice for couples who want a streamlined look but also who appreciate colour. Simple yet effective, they are a great value flower and always look stunning in displays.

FLOWER MEANING: The different colours have different meanings. Red means declaration of love, yellow is sunshine and the variegated kind symbolizes beautiful eyes.


These flowers give the look of hydrangeas, with even more densely packed florets. They are sometimes called snowball viburnum. Be warned though, the price of these flowers skyrockets after April.

FLOWER MEANING: Viburnum represent a token of affection.

So, there you have it…our top picks for florals for your spring and early summer weddings! Now to go and find your perfect blooms…enjoy!

Top Tip: For a great morning out for some floral inspiration, head to the New Covent Garden Flower Market where you will be able to see all of the flowers in their true glory…its a real sight and smell for the senses and a great way to visualise the various shapes, colours and textures on offer. Make sure you get there early though!

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