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Stoke Place – a boutique country house hotel in Buckinghamshire – will always be a very special venue for me as it is where I chose to hold my own wedding back in December 2011. When Sarah and Simon approached Just Bespoke asking for help to plan their own autumn wedding at the venue, we literally jumped at the chance.

Sarah and Simon had a very clear idea of how they wanted their wedding to look – sleek, classic and minimalistic, using a Chanel-inspired monochrome colour palette. And owing to the relative blank canvas in the ballroom at Stoke Place and some clever atmospheric lighting from Red Cat, we were able to achieve this and create two very distinct set-ups for the ceremony and the wedding breakfast which photographer Mike Garrard has captured perfectly through his images.

Wedding at Stoke Place Wedding Planner Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0002Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0006 Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0003 Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0004 Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0007 Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0008

For the ceremony, they wanted the room to feel wintery but fresh so we focused on a white colour palette using ice chivari chairs with white chair pads, a white aisle and white rose petalling down the centre. At the start of the aisle, florist Chantal Flores placed two goldfish bowl displays comprising floating rose heads and stems of white orchids on a clear pedestal with dangling Swarovski crystals which created the perfect entrance for guests and the bridal party. The main focal point though was at the top of the aisle where single lily stems hung against a black fringed curtain, creating a modern floral backdrop.

As big lovers of candlelight, the room was covered in church candles creating a really romantic atmosphere.


The wedding breakfast was a complete contrast. As both Sarah and Simon love clean lines, they opted for square tables which created a uniform but stylish look to the dining area. Tables were covered in black linen with square white charger plates at every setting, along with simple black place cards and menus and finished off with ice chivari chairs with black seat pads.

Chantal Flores and her team worked tirelessly to create a stunning square floral chandelier complete with black fringing, hanging orchids and Swarovski crystals which where the focal point of the room and hung over the top table. This allowed the table centres to be simple – low square vases filled with roses.

Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0011 Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0014 Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0015 Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0016Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0005

Guests were directed to their seats by way of a champagne table plan – one of the many personal touches throughout the day – with different bottles of champagne for each table which were then used later on for toasting during the speeches.

Entertainment was crucial for the wedding as Sarah and Simon wanted to create a great party atmosphere. They both love to dance so enlisted The Platinum Gold Band to perform during both the drinks reception and the evening party to provide some live music. This was complemented by legendary roaming magician, David Redfearn who entertained guests during drinks and dinner with his catalogue of tricks and illusions.

Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0017 Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0018 Wedding-At-Stoke-Place-Wedding-Planner-0019

As a surprise for guests, Sarah and Simon choreographed their first dance – a mash-up of You’re Too Good to Be True’ / ‘Now That We’ve Found Love – which got the evening party off to a great start!

Sarah wore a beautiful Sassi Holford gown with a black ribbon waist sash and her maids were in matching black Maids to Measure dresses.

Sarah and Simon used our tailored wedding planning service as they had already arranged a number of details for their wedding day but wanted a professional wedding planner on board to help with specific areas of their planning. If you would like to find out more about our more tailored services then please contact us for an informal chat to discuss your wedding plans in more detail and to see how Just Bespoke can help.

Venue: Stoke Place  // Photographer: Mike Garrard  // Videographer : Shoot It Yourself  // Florist: Chantal Flores Design  // Production: Red Cat Lighting  // Furniture: Chairman Hire  // Magician: David Redfearn  // Band: The Platinum Gold Band  // DJ: Gumball Events  // Tableware: Options  // Stationery: White Knot  // Bride’s Dress: Sassi Holford  // Bridesmaid Dresses: Maids to Measure

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