Upcoming Wedding Trends of 2016


As 2016 approaches we are starting to consider what trends and touches will be coming to the forefront when thinking about weddings in the year ahead.  Traditionally here in the UK, we take our inspiration from the United States which seems to lead the way when it comes to setting the style and vision for weddings, long before those trends have reached us over here.  However, we are also looking increasingly to countries in the Southern Hemisphere such as Australia and South Africa with a view to adopting some of their style and design ideas into British wedding days.

So what trends are we going to be seeing in the year ahead?  Well, here are our predictions for wedding trends in 2016.

Your Day Your Way

This is wedding etiquette set by you! Couples are looking to create a day that is truly about them, and enjoying the celebration with close family and friends. So take the traditional elements you like and then disregard those you don’t. Your wedding is utterly personal to you, so be individual and add a twist to your day. We are seeing non-traditional bridal parties coming to the forefront.  If you want your sister as your best man – why not! Intimate celebrations spanning a few days are en vogue with couples opting to throw great parties with their nearest and dearest in lieu of extensive guest lists full of people they barely know.

2016 Wedding Trend Predictions - Just Bespoke

Bringing it back to Love

All couples want their weddings to look beautiful, and Pinterest will still play a role in helping couples to determine their vision for their big day, but it’s much more important to them to have a wedding which celebrates their love for one another.  We will see a lot more focus placed on the ceremonial aspect of ‘getting married’ in the year ahead, with a lot of thought and care going into the actual marriage ceremony.  This will be the start of the celebrations as opposed to it being the pre-cursor to the party.


The Dress

Brides are being bolder, and designers are pushing the boundaries of traditional. This year we welcome all things texture.  Fringe, feathers, floral embellishments, lace and voluminous layers will all make their way into bridal attire in the year ahead. Brides are looking for a dress that is bespoke to them and won’t be seen on another bride – they want a beautifully different gown. Braver fashion-forward brides will venture to asymmetrical hems and the introduction of feminine and luxurious two pieces and jumpsuits.



Keeping in key with the personal touches, scent is playing an important role in wedding days next year. Adding a scent to your day is another way of adding an additional layer of emotional connection to your day. Scented invites, strong aromas from flowers or candles, and bespoke wedding perfumes are becoming more and more popular. Smelling the scent after your day will evoke wonderful memories and will allow you to revisit your day time and time again.

Suspended Decor

Though intimate, weddings will still be beautiful and visually impactful for you and your guests. Decorations are now heading up high with hanging and suspended installations. Think oversized stunning foliage, shining chandeliers, and cascading garlands offering the wow factor. Pendant lighting with bare Edison bulbs are proving popular, hanging over tables to create a great lighting effect.



Tableware and Furniture

Tableware and furniture are also getting a makeover this year. A number of new hire companies are making the presence felt, allowing couples to enhance their style through hiring unusual tableware and furniture – the kind that us wedding planners have been asking for for years! Cool crockery and luxury cutlery are hitting our tables in all styles. Whether you are looking for a feminine touch, a luxe look, maybe modern, industrial, or romantically rustic and vintage, you now have the option to create the setting you truly picture. Rental items give you a brilliant freedom not only with your tablescapes, but also with your physical tables and chairs.  Tables can be square, round, oblong, wooden, Perspex or even mirrored.  And chairs also take on a number of different guises with many options available to really pull your vision together.   It’s your chance to have fun and be creative!


Wedding Trends 2016 - Just Bespoke

Patterns and Prints

With the release of Pantone’s two colours of the year, colour mixes are going to be big. We will be welcoming the use of bold patterns and the use of prints. These offer a refreshing look and can be incorporated into all aspects of your wedding, from stationary and table decor to the cake. In some cases, patterns are being hand painted onto cakes to specifically match your theme.


Watercolour was a big trend this year, and it will evolve for 2016 in the form of marble. Marble is a modern take on watercolour and is set to trend big. Being slightly industrial yet still offering the softness in the effect, marble is that little something different but beautiful. We are seeing marble effect cakes, aisle runners, plates, and actual marble stone being used next year. It’s a great material to use on your tables and it is also easy to DIY for the more hands-on bride.



If you are planning your own 2016 wedding, do get in touch to find out how we can help.

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