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Following on from our series on Temporary Structures, today we are looking at the different ways to personalise your structure.

The great thing about a marquee or similar is that they offer a huge amount of options for personalisation, allowing you to choose most of the elements which go into the overall structure – from where to place doors and windows, to what seat your guests will sit on during dinner.

Here are the main areas to consider:

Door / windows / open / shut
The great thing with temporary structures is that you can choose where doors and windows (if applicable) are positioned and also what they look like in some cases.


If you are opting for a canvas structure, your supplier will ask you if you want the sides up or down during your event.  Both of these options take time so it is worth assessing weather conditions before you make a decision as once the sides are in place it can take half an hour or more to change them back again!


Drapes / linings
With marquees and some tents, you will get the option to customise the interior of the tent through the use of drapes and linings.  Most companies will offer an array of colours and patterns and work with you to visualize how it is all going to look.  Pinterest is a great resource to get some ideas.


You will always have to choose the flooring for your structure and the two most common types of flooring are:

  • Coconut/coir matting
  • Wooden boarded contour flooring

The second option is considerably more expensive but it is worth the cost if you are working on particularly uneven ground or if you are looking for a more polished finish.


Whatever structure you opt for, you will usually need to hire furniture as well.  Items you need to consider include:

  • Dining Tables (round, oblong, square, rustic)
  • Dining Chairs / Benches
  • Lounge Furniture (ottomans, hay bales, sofas and occasional tables)
  • Poser Tables
  • Bar Structures
  • Dance floors
  • Staging
  • DJ Booths


The style of furniture you choose will be dependent on the overall look and feel that you are trying to achieve and most marquee / tipi / tent companies will have their own options for you to choose from, or you can outsource to a third party – but remember you will then be paying additional delivery fees.


Another great way to personalise the structure is through lighting and you will be able to choose from a range of options to include standard dimmable lighting and floodlights, to fairy lights, uplighters, festoons, chandeliers and dance floor lighting.  Most marquee / tipi / tent providers will be able to supply this but if you are looking for something more specialist you could always consider a third party production company who will be able to work with the tent provider to install this for you.


Do your guests need to walk between different areas outside?  If so, it might be worth looking into walkways – be that coconut matting to guide the way or a series of Chinese hats to create an undercover passage.


As well as all of the above, we have also made a small list of other items you may wish to consider, which are less glamorous but in some cases, very important:

  • Toilets – Washroom facilities can be basic or luxe – it’s worth investigating the options
  • Generators – To provide you and your suppliers with power for the duration of your event
  • Water Supply – Caterers and Washroom facilities will require a water supply – an outside tap is usually sufficient
  • Heaters / Coolers – Depending on the weather, these may be required
  • Car Parking – A designated area where guests and suppliers can park their vehicles
  • Track Matting (for people and vehicles) – Specialist rubber matting and / or coir matting for people and vehicles in case of bad weather or just to make it easier for people to get from a to b
  • Catering Tent  – A closed-off area next to or in close proximity to the main structure where caterers can cook, prepare and plate-up your food
  • Outmess Area – Where your suppliers can be positioned when they are breaking, eating or simply where they can leave their belongings and kit


So, this should give you a good understanding of what is involved with a wedding or event in a temporary structure, but if you want to find out more or if you would like some professional help with your own wedding planning, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.



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