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As we step into the freshly minted year of 2016, it is a great time to start planning your wedding – and the gift list to go with it. We have asked our wedding gift service experts at BLUE RIBBON to help us put together the perfect gift lists – according to the season! Here to guide us through the world of luxury gifting is the co-founder of BLUE RIBBON, Esther Rulli.  Over to you Esther…

Putting together your wedding gift list according to the season of your wedding is a really creative and fun way to go about it! Here at BLUE RIBBON we believe in the bespoke service, so let the below suggestions get your imagination going to create your ultimate list.


There is not a better brand for all things colourful and youthful than Oscar de la Renta, with its rich colour palette beautifully played out across their collections of porcelain, crystal and table accessories.  We love the deep cobalt and emerald hues used throughout, and charming wildlife-inspired table accessories.





Butterflies are very much a symbol of spring, of rebirth and the beauty of life. Christian Lacroix scatters vividly coloured butterflies across his porcelain line, creating a light and playful pattern.

Gift-Lists029 Butterflies Gifts - Just Bespoke

Gift Lists - Just Bespoke

Spring is also the time to load up on vitamins – Vitamix, Omega and Blendtec juicers and blenders are perfect for the job, with their amazing machines focused on delivering foods and drinks with nutrients and enzymes intact.

Gift Lists - Just Bespoke

Gift Lists - Just Bespoke




If I had to choose one brand that embodies summer, I’d have to say Missoni! Splashes of colour presented in sophisticated and elegant patterns, Missoni Home creates a world of forever-summer. Missoni poufs are our favourite: chic and versatile, they are a wonderful addition to any bedroom or living room – indeed, a very stylish friend of mine has them in her kitchen!


Gift Lists - Just Bespoke Gift-Lists009 Gift-Lists010

Summer’s the time for travel: let these stunning Taschen and teNeues books inspire, guide and delight you!  They look very stylish on a coffee table and make a wonderful gift.


Travel Gifts - Just Bespoke

LiS Ibiza COVER 3.indd


For a summer spent in the countryside, floral patterns reign across porcelain and linens. Indulge in cool linens from chic Parisian brand D. Porthault followed by breakfast on beautiful porcelain from Royal Copenhagen – this Danish manufacturer really knows how to create a perfect, charming tea set for a country home.

Gift Lists - Just Bespoke



Autumn’s time to light up a fire and enjoy a couple of glasses of wine. Add a touch of colour to an autumn evening indoors; we suggest using these wonderful vividly-hued crystal glasses from Waterford – they are simply stunning!

Gift Lists - Just Bespoke

You’ll want to wrap up in luxurious cashmere throws – Oyuna makes some of the best cashmere in the world, inspired by their Mongolian roots. Warm, earthy colours of Oyuna’s cashmere add a touch of elegance to any decor.

Towel Gift Sets - Just Bespoke Gift-Lists017 Gift-Lists018

Candles are a must-have for a romantic autumnal dinner, and who does romance better than the French? Accent your evening with these beautiful Raynaud Tresor Candles, presented in a stylish porcelain candle pot.



The most stylish winter palette, year after year, is monochrome, with a touch of gold.  One of our hidden gems is Sieger by Furstenberg porcelain – the quality is unbelievable and the designs are modern and striking and easy to dress up or down, which makes them suitable for any occasion.





I have saved the most special suggestion to last: the Eiderdown duvet is a truly extraordinary piece, filled with 100% Icelandic eiderdown which is gently washed and sorted by hand in Switzerland. The duvet casing is made from mulberry silk, a particularly fine and soft wild silk. The result is a wonderfully light and soft duvet, providing incomparable warmth and comfort.

Comfort Gift Lists - Just Bespoke Gift-Lists015

Esther Rulli is a Director and a co-founder of Blue Ribbon Company. The company offers beautiful homeware gifts from over 50 luxury brands and ships worldwide. For expert advice on how to create a beautiful wedding gift list please contact

Blue Ribbon Company

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