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The wedding gift list has been a British wedding tradition for centuries.

However, with many couples already living together before they get married, it is no easy task trying to decide what to ask for – and how to ask for it!  Certainly as a wedding planner, I’m often asked by my clients to advise them on gift list options and etiquette.

The good news is, there are a wide number of options out there and so here are a few of our favourites:

Amara is a luxury homewares and accessories etailer, offering an international bespoke wedding gift list service.

With all of the same brilliant features and services that Amara are renowned for, as well as additional hints, tips, articles and recommendations, Amara Weddings is the one-stop destination for all things ‘wedding’.

Now boasting over 400 aspirational brands with an unrivalled collection of desirable gifts from brands such as Missoni Home, Ralph Lauren Home, Kate Spade and Wedgewood, Amara Weddings offers the opportunity to create the ultimate luxe gift list.

Registering is quick & easy.  Each couple is appointed their own personal wedding list coordinator who will be on hand to help with any advice or gift suggestions. Your guests can easily buy you a gift from anywhere around the world in just about any currency, it is all collated for you to be delivered as and when you want, free of charge. You also have the added luxury of not having to have any of the gifts bought but instead think of the amount spent as a voucher for you to spend at as you wish!


Prezola is an award-winning gift list service aimed at stylish and contemporary couples.  The website allows you to select from over 300 brands, showcasing over 30,000 products from companies such as Liberty, Selfridges, Not on the High Street and The White Company.

They also offer a commission-free honeymoon fund, custom gifts and charity contributions, all on one easy-to-use list

Gift lists are registered online and couples then have the flexibility to browse all nine departments (kitchen, tableware, bed & bath, home décor, outdoors, travel, electricals, honeymoon fund and cash & charity) in their own time, before selecting their desired gifts.  If they wish to add gifts which are not part of Prezola’s extensive range, or want to include honeymoon funds and charity donations, there is the option to upgrade to the Premier Plus account for just £39. This account allows couples to add as many custom gifts as they like, which they’ll receive as cash after the wedding.

Unlike other honeymoon funds, Prezola is commission fee free so 100% of guests’ gifts go to the couple.

Once a list has been created, couples receive free gift cards to give to their guests offering them the chance to choose what they would like to purchase, and after the wedding, all of the gifts are shipped free of charge.

Wedding Gift List Ideas Prezola UK - Just Bespoke wedding-gift-list-prezola002 wedding-gift-list-prezola003 wedding-gift-list-prezola004

The Gift Bureau at Harrods
The Gift Bureau is a comprehensive luxury gift list service for weddings and all manner of social occasions.  The service can be initiated in-store, online or over the telephone, with specialist consultants helping to compile a gift list that reflects each client’s personal tastes and style. In doing so, clients are able to choose from Harrods world-class selection of luxury products, spanning everything from homewares and furniture to fashion and jewellery, from the likes of Fornasetti, Wedgwood, Carrs and De Beers.

Expert one-to-one advice from a personal consultant makes compiling the gift list with The Gift Bureau an enjoyable, stress-free experience. The personal consultant will take care of all aspects of administration and regularly update clients on the progress of their list.

The Gift Bureau is also on hand to assist guests purchasing from their hosts’ lists. Again, one of the personal consultants will guide guests through the process, helping them to select a gift that will delight their hosts on their special occasion. They will also advise on ways in which a gift can be made truly unique, including personal messages.

The Gift Bureau is available in the UK and internationally.Wedding Gift List Idea's Harrods UK - Just Bespoke wedding-gift-list-harrods003 wedding-gift-list-harrods004 wedding-gift-list-harrods005 wedding-gift-list-harrods006 wedding-gift-list-harrods007

Zankyou is a cash wedding gift list that lets you create the ultimate wish list. Ideal for your home, honeymoon and any other dream you wish for.

Zankyou is available in 18 different countries and 9 languages and was created when its founders saw that there was no online cash gift list or wedding website service that met the needs of modern couples, who are generally getting married later so have often already been living together before marriage and frequently have guests coming from abroad.

With Zankyou, the couple can transfer all the funds contributed to their gift list directly to their personal bank account, giving them the freedom to use the money as they wish (fees do apply).

Wedding Gift List Idea's Zankyou UK - Just Bespoke wedding-gift-list-zankyou002 wedding-gift-list-zankyou003

Honeymoon Gift Lists
Some couples would prefer to ask guests solely for contributions towards their honeymoon, or other trips away, and if this is the case, companies such as Mr and Mrs Smith and Black Tomato offer the perfect bespoke service.

Mr and Mrs Smith allows couples to create a travel gift list on their website so that friends can make a contribution towards their dream getaway. They will even send a welcome pack with some stylish Smith Wedding List cards to personalize and send to friends, letting them know how they can contribute.

Offering access to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and destinations, it is the perfect way to book a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

All of the donations can be viewed in the Smith loyalty account and once you’re ready to book, you can do so online or through the Travel Team on the phone.

Black Tomato provides the ultimate in bespoke luxury honeymoons and they are experts in creating tailored experiences.  Their honeymoon gift list service is no different.

After taking time to get to know the couple, they will create a unique honeymoon gift page which provides details on the honeymoon destination and itinerary, allowing friends and family to read about your honeymoon plans, browse galleries of your honeymoon destination and, should they wish, contribute to the cost of the trip itself.

The service doesn’t stop there either, as they will also help you with your honeymoon wardrobe, help you get into shape with the honeymoon boot camp and provide helpful reminders for vaccinations, currency and advice on the best places to visit whilst you’re away!

Wedding Gift List Idea's Honeymoon - Just Bespoke wedding-gift-list-honeymoon-fund002 wedding-gift-list-honeymoon-fund003

Lifestyle Gift Lists
Nowadays there are also options to create wedding gift lists which are tailored to your lifestyle, specifically your hobbies and interests.

So, whether you’re interested in building up an impressive wine cellar, or you enjoy collecting unique pieces of art, it is possible to create gift lists completely tailored to your requirements and the process is just as simple as it would be for a traditional gift list.

Wedding Gift List Idea's Lifestyle UK - Just Bespokewedding-gift-list-ideas002

The main thing to remember when considering your gift list, is to enjoy it!  It is intended to be a fun and exciting part of the wedding planning journey, so don’t allow yourselves to become stressed by the process. And if you find it is becoming overwhelming, then don’t hesitate to get in touch as we would love to help you with your plans.

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